Advanced Body Treatments

Efficy3 Advanced Electrotherapy Body Treatments

All of our Efficy3 body treatments are completely personalised to each individual client’s concerns. After carrying out a full and thorough consultation we will tailor-make a treatment to address these concerns and advise on an effective number of treatments for maximum results.

Our Efficy3 body treatments use concentrated ingredients alongside the machine to break down fat whilst stimulating collagen production. Targeted programmes eliminate the fibrotic tissues that appear in cellulite, and help to drain excess fluid/toxins while tightening and toning the skin and boosting circulation. Treatments are highly effective for spot fat reduction however please note they are not weight loss treatments.

A course of between 10-20 treatments combined with specific homecare activities is strongly recommended in order to achieve the desired results. All courses are subject to a 10% discount.

We are able to treat the following areas and concerns:

  • Thighs: fat and cellulite reduction, smoothing and firming
  • Buttocks: cellulite reduction, firming, lifting and toning
  • Abdomen: fat reduction, firming, sculpting
  • Upper Arms: tightening, slimming and fat reduction
  • Bust: firming, aids repair of deteriorated skin tissue from ageing, pregnancy or sun damage
  • Stretch marks: improves appearance, suppleness and tone
  • Post Natal Recovery: repair and regeneration of skin tissue, improves suppleness and tone, aids drainage of fluids (suitable from 6 weeks after birth)

If your area of concern is not listed here please discuss it with us and we can create a treatment personalised for you.

  • 45 minutes – £68
  • 60 minutes – £84 
  • 75 minutes – £99
  • 90 minutes – £115
  • 105 minutes – £130

Consultation price £15 (redeemable against a minimum course of 10).