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Introducing B-Calm - the revolutionary new range for sensitive skin...

Here at the Beauty Room we treat many clients with intolerant, sensitive or fragile skin. Whether temporarily as a result of weather or stress, or as a result of chronic conditions such as acne rosacea, skin sensitivity can make life miserable. Symptoms such as tightness, irritation, itchiness and redness are not only uncomfortable but can really  affect self-confidence.

The new B-Calm range from Germaine de Capuccini is the result of over three years of clinical research into the causes and symptoms of skin sensitivity. Its innovative formula is based on an exclusive symbiotic compound, Skinbiome Repair, which uses prebiotics and probiotics to rebalance the microflora which naturally make up the skin's delicate ecosystem, activating and restoring its natural defences and improving its resistance to external aggression. With a full range of products including an innovative soothing cleanser, a highly effective serum and a choice of moisturising creams, all formulated with completely pure, fragrance and alcohol free ingredients packaged in air tight containers and backed up by rigorous clinical studies, B-Calm offers a complete solution to the misery of sensitive, reactive skin.

We are also excited to be able to offer the B-Calm Intensive Care Facial - designed to offer immediate relief and comfort to sensitive skin, this facial employs powerful soothing ingredients to reduce inflammation and redness, relieve itchiness and heat, improve hydration and strengthen the skin's protective barrier. With a mask developed using bio cellulose fabric developed to treat burns and wounds, this is a highly effective treatment to heal and regenerate even the most fragile of skins. For more information or to book please call us on 01904 471805.

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